Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Sumithra Devi: Budding Talent, Prolific Artist

I had already featured Sumithra Devi (right) in August – my post “Sumithra Devi: Arts with Passion” – and still, I feel compelled to add a second write-up because this budding talent is a prolific artist. 

She paints with impetuous ardour and her dexterity with brushes is keenly seen. The bursts of enthusiasm and flourishes of earnestness produce a smorgasbord of twirls, swirls and whirls. 

It’s hard to deny that her acrylic depictions are impressive in their deftness, delicateness and depth. An intuitive colorist who skilfully conjures up a combo of artworks that are a labor of love!


Check out another of her collection of twelve paintings – a potpourri of diverse themes that is transformed into lavish imagery that marries striking simplicity and sheer beauty:

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