Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sumithra Devi: Arts with Passion

I met Sumithra Devi by chance and then got to know of her passion for acrylic painting. 

A self-taught artist, she can turn a blank canvas into a lush landscape that is sure to put you under its spell with its quiet charm and wondrous enchantment. 

There’s something special about her. A meticulous painter whose brushstrokes are contrastive, subtle yet bold. And her careful choice of colors is provocatively infatuating. 

To her, red is more than just red. It’s either Chili red or Salmon red or Burgundy red or Maroon red or Mahogany red. And more. 

Likewise for yellow – it can be Banana yellow, Eggnog yellow, Sepia yellow, Mellow yellow or Flax yellow. And still more. Or if it’s blue, it can be Azure blue, Sky blue, Denim blue, Navy blue or Prussian blue. And much, much more. 

Meaning, she's able to manipulate colors to produce rainbows of dramatic hues. So what we see is a palette that is a coup of intense vibrancy and shadowed by delicate nuances. Indeed, the gamut of colors is luxurious in its richness. 

And now, she is sharing with us her veritable collection of paintings that is brimming with joie-de-vivre; a selection that has been reverently colored with love and passion. I may be the only one to think so but I swear there are Monet-like hints, Cezanne-like cues in her artwork.

Sumithra Devi: Arts with passion. 

I am, therefore, pleased to showcase her oeuvre – and in this post, you’ll find twelve of her art pieces that are characterized by the artist's vivid depiction of nature in all its beauty and glory:

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