Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Make-up for Masked Women

I read that many women have stripped back on their beauty routines during this coronavirus period, as painting their faces to sit at their laptop screens seems like going overboard. Even for Zoom meetings that I’ve attended, I’ve not seen any women wear make-up; in some cases, they look a frumpy mess. 

But lockdown easing has meant women are getting reunited with their make-up kits. It also means getting used to wearing a face mask. 

In Malaysia, face coverings will be mandatory as from August 01. 

One thing every woman need to consider when wearing a face covering is how it could impact their make-up. The added heat trapped under their masks combined with the friction of wearing one could disrupt their foundation and other base products, especially if they are lightweight, cream based and not set properly. 

This requires make-up wearers to focus on the staying power of their products more than usual. And not forgetting that face coverings pose a whole other issue when it comes to skin problems, as wearing one can cause breakouts or aggravate skin conditions like eczema. 

Beauty advisors are already recommending the use of primers, long-wear foundations and face powders to give a woman’s make-up a fighting chance of lasting under a face covering. 

Anyway, to give her visibility, it is suggested that she experiments with eye make-up as it will draw attention to the area of her face that’s noticeable while wearing a mask. Basically, the eyes and brows.

Therefore, it’s important to invest in eyeliner, mascara and setting spray. 

For sure, eye make-up is going to see an uptick as women look towards the uncovered areas to express themselves. I've already seen a number of 'mask make-up' tutorials online.

Mask or not, it’s always good to see women make time and effort to accentuate their beauty.

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