Thursday, July 9, 2020

Feed Your Brain

Good advice, if you ask me! 

I'm of the opinion that when we speak English, we should rightfully sound like a native speaker. Only then are we speaking proper English. And the surest way to do this is to master correct pronunciation. 

If we can't articulate sounds correctly, we will not be easily understood. After all, to communicate well is to understand and be understood. That is why correct pronunciation is essential.

This requires diligence, discipline and of course, you’ll need to get the book "English Pronunciation for Malaysians"! 

An added bonus is getting access to regular Meet the Author sessions conducted via Zoom  but only if you purchase the book. It serves as a platform for you to ask questions, seek clarification and clear any ambiguity that you may have.

Available as an eBook (RM16) or as a hard copy (RM29 including postage). To order the said book, go to the link @

Don't stop learning!

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