Friday, July 17, 2020

Bottles that Safeguard the Environment

The quest to design more sustainable bottles has led a quartet of companies – Danish beer maker Carlsberg, spirits company Absolut (part of France’s Pernod Ricard), French personal care company L’Oreal and a European group of beverage firm Coca-Cola – to consider a seemingly unlikely material for containing liquids: paper.

Product development teams at all four companies are part of a "pioneer community" brought together and coordinated by an aptly named startup Paboco, shorthand for "paper bottle company". 

Together, they are working on prototypes of bio-based containers of varying shapes and sizes that use wood fiber, rather than glass or some form of fabric, to hold anything from lotions to carbonated beverages  and that is already a challenge. 

"The paper bottle concept is still extremely early in its lifecycle, and so we will actively work within the community to advance the prototypes and overcome some of the hurdles we jointly discover", noted Stijn Franssen (right), senior engineering for packaging with Coca-Cola’s research and development team for Europe. 

Coca-Cola’s work on the paper bottle is one of many alternative packaging approaches the company is considering and experimenting with as they work toward a goal of using 50 percent renewable or recyclable materials in all of their products by 2030; in fact, they have pledged to make all of their packaging recyclable by 2025. 

Not only that but it seems that Paboco technology even offers unique capabilities toward differentiating, alternative shapes and details. 

"A distinctive design, together with the correct functionality while contributing to a sustainable packaging future, that is what this innovation project is all about", Franssen said.

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