Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Lim Kok Wing Proclaims Himself King of Africa

I don't know about you but Lim Kok Wing on a billboard is already an eyesore. And his latest attempt at self-promotion is sickening because it inflicts raw pain. 

I'm reminded of an insult I once came across and it describes him to a T. “You’re like the sun, not because you light up our world but because it hurts to look at you!"

Proclaiming himself King of Africa is an audacious act of impudent cockiness of the highest order. 

I cannot even begin to fathom where Lim (left)  is coming from, no matter how hard I tried – unless he is portraying himself as the “demi-god savior” of the continent because he offers young Africans tertiary education opportunities in his branch campuses in Lesotho, Botswana, eSwatini and Sierra Leone?! If that is the case, he is guilty of preserving a “negative stereotype of Africans not having access to education. 

I can only conclude Lim’s ego is the boss. This clod earnestly wants us to believe he is larger than life. This cacafuego desperately hopes the public will put him on a pedestal and maybe, even worship and deify him. This coccydynia has sadly, lost his marbles.

Nobody minds if he keeps his derangement to himself – but to make public his self-delusion is distastefully despicable. Besides, nobody gives a shit. 

In fact, somebody correctly initiated a petition “LIM KOK WING UNIVERSITY'S CONDESCENDING BILLBOARD NEEDS TO BE TAKEN DOWN” on on June 07, 2020, saying that portraying Lim as a “saviour” is condescending and robs African students of their agency to pave their own way in the world. 

“The use of a jungle animal and reference to ‘king’ perpetuates ideas of Africa as one big jungle and adds to the (wrongful) animalistic characterisation of the students. This perpetuates the notion that black people need saving, taking away their power and psychologically placing them in an inferior role”, this person wrote on the petition page. 

Worse, I'm told the photo of Lim being surrounded by Limkokwing University students in Freetown, Sierra Leone had been edited to make the crowd appear larger and more packed than it actually was. 

What a joke! Nothing more than a wretched exaggeration for the mere sake of self-glorifying himself.

Enough said. Suffice to say, my senses are already benumbed.  

I find this whole self-aggrandizing thingy disagreeable, debasing and demeaning.  It not only insults me but worse, it disrespects Africans. God knows what they've done to deserve this! 

As far as I am concerned, the billboard spews a racist message – and we mustn't tolerate it. Not in Malaysia, not anywhere else.

It is sad that Lim consistently sets low expectations for himself and stll fails to achieve them.

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