Monday, May 4, 2020

School Life Post-Lockdown

A teacher living and working at the Wahaha International School in Hangzhou, China describes how life has changed for students, teachers, and administrators after a 14-week pandemic shutdown. 

Michelle Lomabardi Henry (left) shares on Facebook on April 28: 

“Many of my teacher friends have been curious about life in school after COVID19. So, I thought I would explain it in detail once. 

We were out of school a total of 14 weeks, 3 of which were planned Chinese New Year break. The first week, April 13th, all teachers were called back to learn the new protocols in place while continuing online learning. The 2nd week, grades 4-8 were called back, and today is the 3rd week with K-3 joining us. 

Having the kids come back in stages allowed us to practice protocols without full traffic in the building. Each morning before we get to school, we need to send in our temperature and verify we have no symptoms. When we get to school we go through a face recognition scan that records our temperature again. We take our temperature for the 3rd time by lunch. 

Masks on campus are optional now and there are special trash cans for masks on each floor. 

In the classrooms, desks are in rows 1 meter apart. Kids get up one at time to do anything. Specialist are doing lessons in the classroom, unless the class has 10 or less students then they can do it in their own room. Each student has their own supplies and they do not share. Four times a day, at scheduled times kids get their hands sanitized with a chemical free spray (Enozo). 

All afterschool activities, as well as any meetings, assemblies or other crowd gathering events are cancelled. Kids still have recess but are encouraged to keep their distance from one another…not happening. This is very difficult, especially in the younger grades, as you know. Dismissal is in stages and from two locations on campus. 

Cleaning staff disinfects several times a day and at night they put on the UV lights to kill the remaining germs. 

Well, let’s see if all this works. If we do have just one case, I would imagine, they’ll shut down again. 

It is great being back in school and I've learn so much through all of this, but I cannot lie, I miss my PJs. There are silver linings”. 

I wonder what protocols will be in place in Malaysian schools and colleges when they do re-open.

The six photos from her Facebook page:

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