Sunday, May 3, 2020

Donald Trump Gets His Thrills From China Bashing

Donald Trump (right) is showing signs of frantic desperation as his much-cherished ratings wither away and his November re-election is looming. And so, he escalates his attacks on China to deflect attention from him. 

After all, it’s easy to heap hate on Beijing. They’re communists. They’re authoritarian. They violate human rights. They trample on Tibetans, Uighurs and Hong Kongers. They’re every Western country’s bogeyman. 

With Covid-19, Trump adds to his arsenal of China issues. He's been keeping the country in his sights for a long time and he has no qualms to blast, bombard and blame China for anything and everything.

For sure, China is on the receiving end. The US sees it as a convenient, if not easy target. 

And it receives a lot of flak from Trump so much so that it is like the night sky belching out oppressive smoke from the explosion of furious fireworks that just won't stop.

Trump had pointed his stubby finger at China and accused it of covering up the coronavirus contagion. He had alleged China had wilfully hid the truth about how fatal the pathogen was and worse, exacerbated the pandemic. He had decried that China had been hoarding the world's supply of medical equipment. He had censured China for being "knowingly responsible" for the spread of Covid-19. He had charged that China wanted him to lose his re-election bid in November. 

And his latest accusation that he had seen evidence that the virus had originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology – again, China is to be held accountable.

Now, there are persistent reports that suggest the White House are crafting renewed import tariffs that would be applied to Chinese imports in retaliation, in a major escalation of the trade standoff.

Analysts warned a renewed US-China trade conflict, as the world heads for the worst recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s, could inflict additional damage for jobs and growth. 

Brad Bechtel, of the US bank Jefferies, said: “It seems that as we start to unwind lockdown measures and head back into election season the Trump administration will amp up the blame-game rhetoric, further alienating China”. 

That is likely to invite China to strike back and the US will be the big loser.

Joshua Mahony, senior market analyst at the financial trading platform IG, said a trade war is the “last thing markets want right now”. 

Trump should know that demonizing China will not make his country's problems go away. Besides, he is the one responsible for them in the first place.

I wonder who is the real devil?

It's a rhetorical question really because we all know Trump doesn’t give a shit about anything. Don't we know that everything is about him and him alone?

Simply put, Trump is an ass, a buffoon, a cockwomble, a dunce. The list is long.

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