Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Thank You, Toastmasters!

I’m grateful for the fortuity to chance upon Toastmasters and they helped me to kick start my adventure in public speaking. 

‘Tis an adventure because over 11 years and 9 months (or 4,292 days to be exact), I have learned so much and I have achieved so much. And yes, I've made many, many speeches too because that is what public speaking is all about.

In fact, I presented a grand total of 880 project speeches from 109 manuals. It's no mean feat because I’ve been a Toastmaster since July 01, 2008 – and if you do your sums, on average, I did one speech every 4.88 days.

Undeniably, my Toastmasters output has been extraordinary. I shouldn't be surprised because I invested a lot of time, money and energy in order to amass a meritorious collection of 132 Toastmasters awards in Communication and Leadership:

Truly, I can be proud of my accomplishments:

Of course, I would not have been able to achieve all of the above – if not for Toastmasters everywhere who kindly gave me speaking opportunities and meeting roles – but more than that, they offer me their friendships. Thank you, Toastmasters! 

My parting words to aspiring Toastmasters shall consist of just 5 words. Toastmasters is all about DCP. 

“Diligence, Commitment, Passion”.

Finally, my love affair with Toastmasters is at an end. Farewell, Toastmasters!

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