Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Great British Institution Shuts Its Doors

Even that great British institution, the pub is staying shut from Friday or according to Boris Johnson, “as soon as they reasonably can”. 

Announcing the decision in the fight against the coronavirus, the prime minister said he realized it went against what he called “the inalienable free-born right of people of the United Kingdom to go to the pub” – but that he had no choice but to take that extraordinary step. 

I even read in The Guardian that pub goers are sharing a pint by each drinking alone in their homes – but doing it on a screen via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom! 

But here’s another interesting story that has raised my eyebrows. 

I read that French newspaper Liberation, citing sources in the French President’s office that said Johnson’s decision came after Emmanuel Macron gave him an ultimatum on Friday morning, threatening an entry ban on any traveler from the UK if there were no new Covid-19 preventive measures in place. 

The report quoted an Elysee official as saying: “We had to clearly threaten him to make him finally budge”! LOL!

And here are Covid-19 numbers for the UK:

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