Sunday, March 8, 2020

Panicky Aussies Hoard Toilet Rolls

Empty shelves at Woolworths in Leichhardt, Sydney in Australia after the crazy rush of buying toilet rolls

Coronavirus fears have triggered runs on products, including hand sanitisers and face masks, with images of shoppers stacking trolleys with toilet rolls especially spreading on social media. 

Already, a fight over toilet rolls ended with a man being tasered, Australian police said on Thursday, as Covid-19 concerns drive panic buying. The incident happened in a store in the Australian town of Tamworth, about a four hours’ drive north of Sydney. 

On Saturday, three women brawled over a trolley full of toilet paper in the aisle of a Woolworths at Chullora in western Sydney. A video widely shared online showed one woman pulling the hair of another during the heated altercation. 

“I just want one pack!” one of the women screamed as two others guarded a trolley stacked high with rolls. 

“No, not one packet”, one of the two women yelled back before two supermarket workers intervened to break up the argument. 

And police were also called to another shop in the same city when a knife was drawn in a tussle over the sought-after product. 

Up north, Darwin’s daily paper, the NT News made light of the loo roll hysteria, printing a special eight-page insert on Thursday that can be cut into toilet paper – for their readers to use if worst comes to the worst. 

Its editor, Matt Williams, told Guardian Australia the paper was selling well and was “certainly not a crappy edition”. 

“We are a newspaper known around the world who understands the needs of our readers”, he said. “Territorians… are in great need of toilet paper right now so we had to deliver what they needed”. LOL! 

One Aussie, with the handle @andy_lee tweeted on Wednesday: “I didn't realise Caronavirus made you shit that much! #toiletpapergate” and posted this pic: 

Kyle Rosenthal @WindowsPCguy responded with “Here is the reason…” and accompanied it with this photo:

It is regrettable and hilarious at the same time that many people are allowing themselves to succumb to this climate of fear that has no basis whatsoever! Folks, we will survive lah!

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