Saturday, March 21, 2020

Donald Trump Calls Covid-19 The Chinese Virus

A detail of Donald Trump’s notes show where the president has crossed out the word ‘corona’ and added in ‘Chinese’ in discussing the coronavirus crisis. 

It would seem that Donald Trump (left) harbors an intense dislike for China. 

Even during this Covid-19 pandemic, he keeps insisting on referring to it as the Chinese virus. 

And for certain, he used the xenophobic term intentionally because an eagle-eyed photographer caught a picture of Trump’s notes, showing the word “corona” being crossed out and replaced by “Chinese” in handwritten black ink. 

F-you, Trump! 

The Covid-19 pandemic worsens. Already, the US of A is seeing cases multiplying: 

Malaysia already saw the number of infections breaching the 1000-mark. Of the total, fifteen are medical workers. And three deaths so far.

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