Friday, March 27, 2020

Covid-19 Resolution to Fault China

China should know by now that the US is not a friend, period. And it’s not just Donald Trump with his anti-Chinese rants. 

A bipartisan pair of House lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled a resolution that faults China for causing a global pandemic and calls on the Chinese government to publicly declare that Covid-19 began there, a move that would almost certainly fuel further Trump’s racist “Chinese virus” rhetoric and the recent uptick in attacks on Asian Americans. 

Reps Jim Banks (REP-Indiana) and Seth Moulton (DEM-Massachusetts) are leading the resolution, which would be non-binding but reflect a sense of the House. Their measure condemns China for making “multiple, serious mistakes” in its response to the new coronavirus, including the government downplaying the risks of the virus, censoring medical professionals and expelling journalists. 

It also specifically calls on the Chinese government to “publicly state that there’s no evidence that Covid–19 originated anywhere else but China”. 

It does precisely what public health leaders say not to do: It associates an infectious disease with a geographic region, a country. The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have both warned specifically against doing this because it can lead to a stigma, discrimination and even violence directed at groups of people of a certain ethnicity and/or nationality. 

Chinese for Affirmative Action, part of a coalition that began tracking attacks against Asian Americans related to the coronavirus last week said that within a span of 24 hours, there were more than 40 reports. 

A report published March 24 had given these examples: In New York, a Chinese American woman wearing a face mask was assaulted in a subway station by a man who shouted “diseased bitch”. In Texas, a man at a Sam’s Club stabbed three Asian Americans, two of whom were children. In California, an Asian American man at a Target store in Daly City was verbally attacked for coughing. 

Not only that but the Covid-19 situation in the US is definitely, getting from bad to worse:

The same too with Malaysia. That explains why the Movement Control Order is now extended for another 2 weeks. Until April 14.

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