Thursday, March 26, 2020

Covid-19 Miracle Cures

Remember wacky Ibrahim Mat Zin, better known to Malaysians as Raja Bomoh whose self-proclaimed lifelong mission is to save Malaysia? 

Well, he has reappeared. This time, instead of coconuts and other paraphernalia, he is turning to the globe instead.

In a 12-minute-long video that has gone viral, Raja Bomoh claims that he felt the responsibility as a Malaysian to help the nation overcome Covid-19, and he believes that it’s for the greater good of humanity. 

With “ancestral herbs” in his hand, he stoutly believes he can cure all the places affected with Covid-19 through the globe that is in front of him. 

That is not the only weapon in his pandemic-curing arsenal. Raja Bomoh then takes out a mini telescope-like object which he says he ‘scans’ the globe with. 

He proceeds to claim that the mini telescope belongs to his ancestors who are also bomohs and reveals that he is the fifth in his family to inherit it. Now, we know lunacy runs deep in his family. 

After he 'scans' the whole world, he then sprinkles a few kinds of rice on the globe with the conviction that the Covid-19 pandemic, in his words, “would fly away”. 

Hmm, I wonder what type of rice he is referring to? White rice, brown rice, jasmine rice, basmati rice, sticky rice, what? 

But this Malaysian is not the only one who has gone bonkers. There are American crazies a-plenty too! 

Some of them are staunch Donald Trump-supporting Christian fundamentalists who have dismissed the epidemiology of this pandemic. 

To prove there was no virus, Josh King (left), lead pastor at Second Baptist church in Conway, Arkansas boasted his parishioners were prepared to lick the floor of his church. 

Then there is Rodney Howard-Browne (right), an evangelical leader who prayed over Trump in the Oval Office and who allegedly cleansed Florida of Zika did the same with Covid-19, if we all can believe him that is. 

In a video first noticed by Right Wing Watch, Howard-Browne says that he “cursed” Zika in the name of Jesus, and this is something he has the power to do in regards to the coronavirus – but just for Florida and nowhere else on Earth. 

And Texas minister Kenneth Copeland (left) claimed to have a novel delivery method for a coronavirus cure: television screens. 

Appearing on the Victory Channel, which his church operates, Copeland claimed on March 12 to heal Covid-19-infected viewers who touched their TVs. 

“Put your hand on that television set,” Copeland told his viewers. “Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord Jesus. He received your healing”. 

A couple of days later, he said God had told him the pandemic would soon be over, as Christians praying all over the country had “overwhelmed it”. And while Christians would save the country, he said, it was the president’s critics who “opened the door” to the pandemic with their “displays of hate” that had interfered with “divine protection”. 

Toilet rolls are still a hot item – but I read a Nick Bryant piece published Tuesday on BBC News that in the US of A, there are long lines outside gun stores. 

The spike in online sales of firearms – has seen a 70% increase in sales – is the result of the panic buying of the popular AR-15s as well as other types of weapons. 

I suppose if you embrace social distancing religiously, you may have to take extreme measures if people get too close to you, intentionally or unintentionally. After all, you won't know who is infected or not, right? So, spraying bullets from, for example, your AR-15, can certainly safeguard your life. Better to be safe than sorry, LOL!

For those who don’t know about this semi-automatic gun, it delivers a devastatingly lethal, high-velocity bullet to the victim. Nothing is left to repair – meaning, the injury is fatal.

It makes sense, don’t you think so? Anyway, this does not change my impression that gun-toting Americans in a panic-stricken America is a scary place that I don't want to find myself in.

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