Wednesday, March 11, 2020

China's Covid-19 Situation is Getting Better

In China, daily infections and deaths from Covid-19 have been comparatively low of late and I'm sure I can hear a big sigh of relief from over there. To be sure, it's not over yet but things are indeed looking up. And getting better.

Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, has closed all of its 16 public facility-turned temporary hospitals having cared more than 12,000 patients. Yesterday’s closure of the last two “hospitals” illustrated the continued decline in the number of Covid-19 patients. 

On Monday, Wuhan reported 17 new confirmed cases, dropping below 20 for the first time and a significant contrast with a month ago, when 1,921 cases were reported on February 09, 2020. 

The hospitals were converted from public venues such as exhibition centers and gymnasiums in early February in an effort to treat patients with mild symptoms and isolate the source of infections amid strained medical resources. 

The Covid-19 battleground is shifting from China to Europe. Certainly, in Europe, many more will be infected and many more will die. 

Last evening, I attended the Shah Alam Toastmasters meeting – and I was keenly aware that my Toastmasters journey is coming close to the end. Yup, only twenty-one days remaining:

I delivered my penultimate speech yesterday – a CC#4 titled A Toastmaster’s Trinity. 

It referred to my embrace of DCP – no, don’t get me wrong, I wasn't referring to the Distinguished Club Program that Toastmasters are familiar with. Rather, it refers to Diligence, Commitment and Passion, the 3 drivers of a GPS, meaning, Good Public Speaker. 

As I see it, it’s simple – you can equip yourselves with the tools of public speaking, whether words and rhetorical devices, facial expressions and body language and/or vocal variety but without DCP, you’ll never get to being a good public speaker. 

Perhaps, that’s why when Toastmasters complete the Competent Communication manual – which in theory and practice gives them the essential tools – they are given the Competent Communicator title. 

But if you add DCP to your learning and like me, work on your speeches with diligence, commitment and passion – I can assure you, you’ll become more than ‘competent’. 

Why do you think I completed the Competent Communication manual 66 times with one more on the way? FYI, this was my project speech #879:

Ahem, I was voted Best Speaker:

I was also the Toastmaster – and with the completion of this task, I have now finished the Competent Leader manual 29 times. This represents my Toastmasters award #131 and already surpassing my expectations.

I daresay it was a really enjoyable meeting. It was educational and enlightening and overflowing with energy, effervescence and ebullience! 

And how not to? How many Toastmasters meetings have you attended that had 5 Table Topics speeches, five assignment speeches and six worthy evaluations all in one meeting? It's a rarity, I tell you.

Kindly check out photos of the said meeting:

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