Thursday, March 5, 2020

An UMNO Fat Cat

Today, former federal minister and Putrajaya MP Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (left) took the stand in his defense trial where he is accused of accepting RM2 million from businessperson Chai Kin Kong via a cheque belonging to Aset Kayamas. 

The cheque was allegedly deposited into a bank account belonging to Tadmansori Holdings, a company owned by the former. 

And he dismissed the said amount simply as “pocket money”! 

Yesterday, the High Court rejected Tengku Adnan's application for the details of his asset declarations to be heard during in-camera proceedings without the presence of the public or the media. 

In any case, we were told that his total assets declared to Mahathir Mohamad (then the 4th prime minister) in 2001 was RM938,643,566.16. Additionally, Tengku Adnan also confirmed that he had declared his assets amounting to RM711,325,822.00 to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (the 5th prime minister) in 2006, along with RM691,770,649.00 and RM782,748,061.00 to Najib Razak (the 6th prime minister), in 2013 and 2016 respectively. 

An officeholder rolling in money. A moneyed minister. A filthy rich politician. 

Malaysia Boleh wad!

Now we know how corrupt UMNO lawmakers are!

The latest status on Covid-19:

In Malaysia, five new cases were reported today. 

These cases are close contacts and second generation (close contact to close contact) of cluster case #26 – thanks to the arsehole, supposedly a big shot who went around Kuala Lumpur and infected people. 

As of today, 26 infected cases have been recorded from this particular cluster case.

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