Saturday, March 7, 2020

Ahmad Fakhri Speaks @ WSD Melaka

Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah (left) is speaking at World Speech Day 2020! 

An international speaker, certified trainer, professional mentor and coach, parenting consultant and I am likely to think he has other talents that he is not telling us. 

An articulate, expressive and dynamic speaker. 

A wordsmith, an architect of rhetoric and an embroiderer of thoughts and ideas. 

And he will be at World Speech Day 2020 Melaka to share this with us:

For sure, it’ll be your loss if you are not among the audience because this man has earned my respect. If you know me, I don’t compliment easily. 

But Ahmad Fakhri is a person whose eloquence is near legendary. 

Join me and believe me, he will reward us with insights that are intelligent, inspiriting and illuminating. 

World Speech Day 2020. Melaka. March 15.

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