Saturday, February 15, 2020

What Hell Is Like

And yes, another performance by the Pub Landlord – this time, Al Murray makes us laugh on ‘What Hell Is Like In Different Countries’:
Poole oot yer kidneys, LOL! 

China is disinfecting and isolating used banknotes as part of aggressive efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 that has already killed 1,528 people. 

And 67,274 were also reportedly infected, according to real-time

China's central bank said banks use ultraviolet light or high temperatures to disinfect yuan bills, then seal and store the cash for seven to 14 days – depending on the severity of the outbreak in a particular region – before recirculating them.

Fan Yifei, deputy governor, acknowledged Saturday that banks have been urged to provide new banknotes to customers whenever possible.

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