Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Two Conditions for Scotland to Break Free

This particular performance by Al Murray is funny! He shares what will happen if Scotland gets independence:

I must admit he is wickedly twisted. He praises the Scots for being a genius people. He cites one example. 

Twenty-five percent of Scotland’s exports is whisky and he says with a straight face that the Scots have somehow convinced the whole world that it is a luxury to lick a disinfected wooden floor. 

[Note: Whisky exposes the barley grain to peat smoke during the drying process – and this process, along with the time spent ageing in the oak barrel, will impart some very distinctive aromas and flavors in the whisky which includes alcohol, graininess, wood/oak among others]. Get it? 

The real deal is this! He declares that if Scotland wants to break away, he suggests two conditions – and it is the second one that’s the clincher! He says the Scots must take Liverpool with them! 

What can I say except that I wholeheartedly accept that condition, guv! 

I was at the Money Mastery Toastmasters meeting yesterday – and I must thank the club for granting me a surprise speaking slot! And I delivered an Advanced speech from the Storytelling manual, project #1 The Folk Tale, titled The Tortoises and the Hare. 

In this speech, I am to focus on vivid imagery and voice. And I must incorporate a twist to the story. All of which I did satisfactorily, methinks.

BTW, this was my 870th assignment speech todate.

Photos of the said meeting:

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