Monday, February 10, 2020

Three More Needless Deaths

A male tapir was found dead near the Mersing Industrial Training Institute, along the Mersing-Jemaluang route in Johor – believed to have been knocked down by a van, making it the fifth such incident this year. 

Johor Wildlife and National Parks Department Peninsular Malaysia director Salman Saaban said the animal, estimated to be six years old and weighing some 200kg, was stumbled upon by members of the public at 9:45 PM on Saturday. 

A preliminary examination of the Malayan tapir (Scientific name: Tapirus indicus) found injuries to the head and body as well as drag marks. 

It was also revealed that agricultural activities in the area had forced the tapir to come out of their habitat. 

It was a hit-and-run. The driver should be charged for murder. 

Two more elephant deaths in Sabah. Sabah Wildlife Department director Augustine Tuuga confirmed that two elephant carcasses were found – one in Ladang Sentosa, Sukau (about 130 kilometers from Sandakan) on Saturday and the other at Ladang Tangkulap, bordering Dermakot forest reserve in Telupid, also about 130 odd kilometers from Sandakan) today.

Initial investigations found no external wounds on both adult female Borneo pygmy elephants (Scientific name: Elephas maximus borneensis). 

In fact, many of the postmortem results on deceased elephants have come back inconclusive as to the cause – although authorities believe the animals were poisoned. 

It's really sad and I grieve over the needless deaths of innocent endangered animals.

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