Tuesday, February 18, 2020

HK Armed Robbers Prefer Toilet Rolls

Hong Kong has become a bizarre place. 

I guess since the protests and riots against the extradition bill spiraled out of control since March of last year, Hong Kong is no longer the same Hong Kong that I thought I knew. 

On Monday, three knife-wielding men robbed a delivery man outside Wellcome Supermarket in the Mong Kok district – and according to an Apple Daily report, they brazenly carted off 600 toilet paper rolls, valued at around HKD$1,695 ($218; £167). 

Toilet rolls are currently in short supply in Hong Kong due to shortages caused by panic-buying during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Anyway, Hong Kong police have arrested two men and recovered some of the stolen loo rolls, local media reports said. 

Stores across the city have seen supplies massively depleted with long queues when new stock arrives. Despite government assurances that supplies remain unaffected by the virus outbreak, residents have been stocking up on toilet paper:

Other household products have also seen panic-buying including rice, pasta and cleaning items. 

Face masks and hand sanitisers are almost impossible to get as people try to protect themselves from the coronavirus, which is still claiming lives.

Customers wear masks as they walk past empty toilet paper shelves at a supermarket in Hong Kong, China
A customer wearing a protective face mask walks past the empty shelves of the rice goods section at a supermarket in Hong Kong, China, on February 05, 2020

Authorities blame false online rumors for the panic buying and say supplies of food and household goods remain stable. 

There has also been panic-buying of the same type products in Singapore, which already has 75 confirmed Covid-19 cases. 

At least, Malaysians don’t get panic-stricken that easily. We are not the “kiasi” (惊死, afraid to die) type! 

For those looking for the latest infection-and-death statistics on Covid-19: 

According to South China Morning Post ‘live’, confirmed cases who have recovered stand at 10,615. And the number of infections total 73,348 and fatalities total 1,868. 

I cross-checked against my No.1 source of information, i.e. thewuhanvirus.com, those infection and death numbers are 73,331 and 1,873 respectively.

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