Saturday, February 1, 2020

Hardships Turned On Their Heads with Humor

To have a disability or serious illness is certainly challenging and even life-changing. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live life to the fullest. You should. 

When things don’t look so good, don’t wallow in self-pity. You must take it upon yourself to turn things around. Work to turn lemons into metaphorical lemonade. 

Fill your lives with mugs of overflowing optimism and top them with infusions of levity that come with a generous dollop of comedic twist. And the sun will shine brightly.

The following are my picks from a Bored Panda collection. My thanks to Inga Korolkovaite and Jonas Grinevičius. 

#01 7-Year-Old Does Not Let Alopecia Stop Her From Celebrating Her School's "Crazy Hair Day": 

#02 Saw This Guy With The Coolest Christmas Decorations Ever: 

#03 His New GF: 

#04 Most Long-Sleeves Are Longer Than My Arms Due To A Disability, So I Wore An Appropriate Sweater: 

#05 Dressed Up As Lara Croft For Halloween. She’s An Amputee, So She Improvised: 

#06 Turned My Wheelchair Into The Iron Throne For Halloween:

#07 Lost The Leg But He's Kept His Sense Of Humor The Whole Time: 

#08 Cancer Survivor Takes Life With A Little Humor: 

#09 The Best Thing For A Broken Arm:

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