Saturday, February 15, 2020

Clever Solutions to Small Space Problems

Spacious abodes are nice to live in but given their super-premium prices, common folks have to make do with what they can afford. 

That means choosing small houses and apartments. And fitting your entire life in there can get tricky. 

Liucija Adomaite and Mantas Kačerauskas have compiled a list of creative solutions to create space in your ‘tiny’ home – and I picked ten of them: 

#1 Brilliant Design For Kids That Need Their Privacy But There's Only One Bedroom 

#2 Space Saving

#3 Elevate The Bed In Small Spaces To Create Storage Underneath

#4 Stair Drawers

#5 When You Want To Maximize The Space Under The Stairs

#6 No Place For A Bedside Table? No Problem

#7 Extra Storage Hidden In These Kitchen Benches 

#8 Triple Bunk Beds Done Right

#9 Kitchen Utensils Board

#10 Use Picture Ledges For A Miniature Vanity 'Table'

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