Friday, December 6, 2019


Check out the amazing Godzilla Christmas tree that breathes smoke. 

Australian filmmaker Steven Newland created the majestic “Treezilla” that comes complete with blinking red eyes, a fantastic roar, and an enormous mouth with pointy teeth. 

Newland accomplished this arboreal feat with four fake trees, 10m chicken wire, weedmat, lights, fog machine, plastic teeth, and paper claws. 

The tree had since been auctioned off to the highest bidder. It was a real bargain because he only received $415 NZD (approximately $269.58)! 

Yesterday, I was at the Pesona Toastmasters meeting at where else but the Petronas Twin Towers – and I had a speaking slot, my fifth this week. This had been kindly arranged by Ahmad Fakhri who took up the dual roles of General Evaluator and speech evaluator. 

I presented a CC#6 Vocal Variety speech titled Flabbergasted – and he (yes, Ahmad Fakhri) was brutal! I shed tears, if you believe me! 

BTW, this was for my Competent Communication manual #62:

A meeting that was very well-attended and the distraction posed by chairs constantly coming into the room was palpable. 

Photos of the said meeting at Tower 1:

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