Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Traditional Malay House

I spotted an interesting post by Safura Atan this morning and I think it’s worth repeating! 

As climate change takes its toll on the planet, Malaysia too is not unaffected. And so, we griped about the sweltering, scorching and stifling heat that oppresses us and we whined about the torrential rains that pour down from the skies and flooding low-lying terrain. 

It is becoming pretty common to face weather extremities these days. Therefore, Safura’s post reminds me of how the Malays of olden days had the luminosity to come up with a house design that caters to the hot and wet climate that we must endure.  

The traditional Malay house is unmatched for its functionality. 

In fact, even in this tropical climate, we don’t really need air-conditioning and if and when it does flood, the residents can still remain dry and safe. 

Study the design and you’ll come to appreciate it too:

Architects and developers should look at adopting this design for our houses and if we are brave enough to adopt it, we will also reduce our carbon footprint.

I was present at the Shah Alam Toastmasters meeting last evening – and I was both the Toastmaster as well as a project speaker. 

Again, I completed my CC#10 speech titled Dream it, Wish it, Do It – and thus, I’m done with yet another Competent Communication manual #64: 

Ahem, I was voted Best Project Speaker:

Photos from the said meeting yesterday:

And don't forget the appetizing dinner we serve to members and guests and with second helpings too!

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