Tuesday, December 3, 2019

MCA Refuse to Release TARUC

The Chinese eunuch party called MCA have been vainly fighting for a large chunk of government allocations for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. 

The Pakatan Harapan government had, in fact, slashed TARUC's funding; they are to receive only RM1 million for development purposes in the 2020 Budget, compared to RM5.5 million in the 2019 Budget. 

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng (right) had repeatedly explained that there would be no public funding for organizations including tertiary institutions owned by political parties. This is to ensure the separation of government, business and education from political control, manipulation and interference – and I wholly support this. 

Lim reiterated that the government has already budgeted some RM30 million for the MCA-linked university college and claimed the Opposition party refused the offer due to the former's condition that they must relinquish political authority over TARUC.

The fact that MCA are willing to lose out the RM30 million annually because they are unwilling to surrender control shows the political party are being stubborn, selfish and self-serving. 

In fact, the TARUC financial pruning had become BN campaign fodder targeted at the sizable Chinese vote-bank in the Tanjung Piai, Johor parliamentary by-election on November 16, 2019. Whether or not it had a detrimental impact on the polls outcome for PH, Lim and the PH government must stand firm. 

MCA are exploiting the funding issue as political capital and this is detestable and despicable. 

Yesterday, I was at KL Sentral to attend the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting – where I presented my tenth and last speech – titled Sewn Lips – to qualify for the Advanced Communicator Bronze award. For the seventh time. 

I certainly think I could have done much better with the speech – admittedly, I kinda lost my spontaneity. 

Anyway, thanks to the club for the opportunity.

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