Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The 12 Days of Christmas: 2 Other Versions

Three years ago, I had showcased “12 Days of Baba Nyonya Christmas”, the Peranakan version of the popular classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. 

This year, there’s yet another version “Twelve Days of Peranakan Christmas”:
Also, give the music video below a listen!

“The Twelve Daze of Christmas” is a funny parody of the said song from comedian and Las Vegas performer, Fay McKay – check out her boozy version:

Starting with a partridge in a pear tree, it quickly went into a crazy overdrive with 2 Cutty Sarks, 3 Old Crows, 4 Old Fitzgeralds, 5 Dry Rob Roys, 6 Cuba Libres, 7 Johnnie Walkers, 8 Old Fashioneds, 9 margaritas, 10 Dry Manhattans, 11 Bloody Marys and 12 dry martinis!

I bet you, it’ll be much more than a daze! A freaking drunken orgy, that's what you can expect it to turn into!

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