Monday, December 23, 2019

Miss Universe 2019 Costumes on Show

On December 10, I had blogged about Malaysia’s ‘national costume’ on show at the Miss Universe 2019 competition – and which I said I didn’t like at all. 

Thankfully, it was not the worst – I grimace at some of the others like Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. I have no doubt that you too will cringe, wince and flinch at the collection of garbs presented during the Miss Universe 2019 National Costume Competition here:

Many of them were not parading 'national' costumes but rather, they themselves underwent transformations into elaborate and decorative props. I find it pretty campy and so, it was not that easy to take in the full panoply of dippy silliness on show. 

It had been said it was a visual spectacle and a dizzying sight to behold. I don't know about that but I would add adjectives to accompany the descriptions like exaggerated, fantastical, outlandish, outrageous and overkill, to list just a few.

An overdone show that is fashion frivolity at its hyperbole best (or worst, depending on your point of view)!

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