Friday, December 6, 2019

Edible Cups on Air New Zealand Flights

Air New Zealand, which serve more than eight million cups of coffee a year say they are trialing edible coffee cups in a bid to reduce wastage on board their planes. 

The cups, by local company Twiice, are made from vanilla-flavoured biscotti (which are actually Italian almond biscuits) – and are apparently "leak-proof". 

In a statement, New Zealand’s national airline said the coffee cups were being tested "in the air and on the ground" as part of its efforts to find "innovative ways to meet sustainability challenges". 

Jamie Cashmore, the co-founder of Twiice, said the cups "could have a really positive impact on the environment" – although there are those who said a change in cups was not a big enough environmental commitment. 

Maybe so, but cups can lead to saucers and plates and bowls and other things. 

Still, it is a good initiative to minimize environmental impacts however small. 

It is noteworthy to mention that customers have expressed concerns on Twitter about dietary requirements. Air New Zealand told a vegan customer that the cups contained egg, while Twiice said the cups also contained gluten and might contain traces of nut and dairy. 

Duly noted. 

Eddie Lai needed role players for the APU Toastmasters meeting yesterday – and I volunteered to be grammarian. 

And it was good to catch up with club president and lecturer Suresh Saminathan too.

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