Saturday, December 28, 2019

Communists Infiltrate Malaysia, If You Believe Morons

The Pesta Chingay is a yearly parade in Penang that is very much a part of the tourism calendar – and this year, it was held in Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth on Sunday, December 22. 

One person had recorded and viraled a clip of the said procession and branded it “a communist procession”, adding that “they’re getting so much braver now!” 

His outrageous claim that communist flags were unfurled at the Chingay event were actually, KIWANIS flags, according to Seberang Perai Utara district police chief Noorzainy Mohd Noor.

The person who is obviously brain-dead had taken KIWANIS to mean ‘Communist’ (‘Komunis’ in Malay). A first-class idiot! 

[KIWANIS are an international service club and their motto is "Serving the Children of the World", in case you don’t know!] 

The police are currently hunting the individual. 

It would seem that the communist is Malaysia’s latest bogeyman. 

Sharkawi Ishak (left), popularly known as ‘Ustad Rempit’ who spoke at a December 20 event organized by Muafakat Nasional, the UMNO-PAS partnership, in Permatang Pasir, Penang, too, had come out publicly to proclaim that Malaysia is ruled by communists who “only look after their race and want to destroy Malaysia”. 

I presume he was referring to Malaysian Chinese. 

Police reports have been lodged against the preacher.

Geez, I didn't realize we have so many morons in this country!

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