Thursday, November 21, 2019

Targeting Malay-speaking Malaysians

This week, I feature two WSD posters targeted at Malay-language speakers:

#unexpected voices #worldspeechday 

Last evening, I was at Setia Avenue in Shah Alam, Selangor – where at the EcoWorld Toastmasters meeting, I presented a humorous speech titled My Girlfriend Was a Cockroach. 

If you’re a fan of Japanese anime, you’ll already know that it was inspired by Gokicha, the cockroach girl – created by Rui Tamachi – who wants to befriend humans, but gets treated as all cockroaches get treated by humans. 

Mine was different. I treated her special and it turned into a living nightmare. She glued herself to me and yup, she was really sticky. She became an unbearable pest until… 

Did you know that a roach can survive decapitation? At least for another week! 

I've two more speeches from the Humorously Speaking manual and I’m done with my ACB projects. 

What else…Table Topics took on a different format. We formed a circle and we did ball passing. When the music stopped, the person who was holding on to the beach ball which had ‘topics’ written all over it – became the Table Topics speaker. Still impromptu speaking and still fun.

Sigh, I know I am going to miss this Toastmasters Club when I leave Toastmasters!

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