Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Priya's Mirror

This comic book continues its focus on gender-based violence but specifically on the issue of acid attacks. 

The issue was inspired by Monica Singh who in 2005 in Lucknow, India had a bucket of acid thrown at her by a scorned admirer – that left her fighting for her life. 

Sixty-five percent of her body was burned instantly. It took her a year before she could move independently in a wheelchair and regained her speech. And she underwent more than 40 reconstruction surgeries since then. Even today, she still deals with its trauma every day. 

In the comic book, the female superhero and her trusted tiger join forces with acid-attack survivors to fight against the demon-king, Ahankar and his tyrannical hold on them. 

Ahankar traps these victims in his fortress by making them believe that the world will not accept them because of their horrific injuries. 

With the help of her secret weapon, ‘Mirror of Love’, Priya helps the women overcome their fear of societal perceptions. The mirror reflects the inner truth of the women and shows that there is more to them than the scars. 

In addition, within the story, there is a focus on the villain, illustrating how a patriarchal system not only has a detrimental impact on women but men as well. Meaning, men are villains and victims too. 

Another inspiration came from Natalia Ponce de Leon, who had a liter of sulfuric acid thrown at her by a man who she had never spoken to in Bogota, Colombia in 2014. 

Natalia’s “The Last Mask” campaign allows readers to put on a digital mask through augmented reality and share their photo on social media to show their support and solidarity.

Again, I’m sharing a random selection of 15 pages:

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