Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hong Kong On the Brink of Total Collapse

As Hong Kong totters on the brink of total collapse, I wish to share DW’s Tim Sebastian’s telling interview with democracy activist Joey Siu! 

It is evident that Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement has no game plan. And Siu’s attempts to justify the rebels’ riotous actions show clearly their obdurateness, rigidity and die-hardism:
The fact of the matter is these Hong Kongers are more than willing to destroy their city – if the government doesn't meet their 5 demands. 

Interestingly, two of their key demands are the unconditional release of the arrested "protesters" (actually, "rioters") and the complete retraction of the official British-era labeling of the protests as "riots".

Meaning, these yobs believe they are above the law!

And Siu tells us point-blank that even if she disagrees with the violence inflicted by these youngsters going berserk, she will not condemn their acts of violence. 

It looks like there shall be no compromise and no retreat. 

That means, there’Il be only grief and pain – and the people of Hong Kong will soon get to experience much more than just tear gas and water cannons. 

I believe this "revolution" is coming to a dead end. And I reckon law and order will be restored before the Lunar New Year in January.

Yesterday, I was at the CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters meeting in First Avenue, Bandar Utama in PJ, Selangor. 

I took up two roles – as Speech Evaluator for an Advanced speech from the The Professional Speaker manual and as a Grammarian. 

Photos from the said meeting:

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