Saturday, November 2, 2019

Methinks Brexit is Doomed

The whoIe world now knows Boris Johnson is a phony, a pretender, a perjurer! 

The prime minister’s regular refrain of the ‘no ifs, no buts’ Brexit promise turned out to be a big lie. His pledge that he would die in a ditch was nothing but a falsehood. 

There was no Brexit, period. 

Jonathan Lis wrote in The Guardian: “It is, of course, amusing that Johnson’s hyperbolic threats have been so definitively exposed. But there is a serious point. Imagine any other prime minister making one single, existential pledge in order to reach office, and then again upon entering it. Imagine that prime minister repeating the sole pledge each day for three months. Imagine him saying he’d die for it. And then imagine him breaking that pledge, openly and unambiguously, and moving on as though nothing had happened. A leader with honor or integrity would resign”. 

As we know by now, the UK did not leave the EU on October 31. 

It’s the same story on March 29 and April 12. Deadlines may have been issued but you and I know that nothing has changed. (Okay, except Prime Ministers). 

Yes, life after the latest missed deadline looks like continuing exactly as before – and I have this sneaky suspicion that Britons really don’t want Brexit, a majority of them anyway. 

The next deadline is January 31, 2020 – but that too may not happen. 

A general election on December 12 may just throw a spanner in the works, that’s why.

Brexit will very much depend on the outcome of the said polls – and there are 5 options: (1) Brexit on existing deal by January 31; (2) No-deal Brexit on January 31; (3) Renegotiation; (4) Referendum; and (5) Cancel Brexit. 

Methinks, Brexit is doomed.

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