Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Julie Andrews Muses About Donald Trump

If Mary Poppins had been US President Donald Trump’s nanny, she would have “shaped him up pretty quickly”, so says Julie Andrews, the actress who immortalized the singing governess with magical powers on the big screen.

“If only she had had the chance to try!” joked the 84-year-old British performer (right) at the presentation of the latest installment of her memoirs in London, UK on Saturday.

Andrews and Poppins have been intertwined in our cultural conscience ever since Walt Disney’s 1964 musical comedy.

But the film that made her famous was just one in a long and storied career. 

Her other notable classics include That’s Life (1986), Victor/Victoria (1982), Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967), The Sound of Music (1965), and The Americanization of Emily (1964). 

Anyway, I’m not so sure about that – methinks, it is in Trump's genes. A jerk is a jerk is a jerk! Always!

And then we have the story on Pamela Anderson (left) who exposed herself to a barrage of criticism. 

She had posted black-and-white photos of herself dressed in a traditional Native American headdress and white underwear for Halloween. 

In one of the photos she shared to social media, she can be seen covered in white paint and holding the feathered headpiece behind her shoulder.  

The second photo sees the 52-year-old posing on a staircase while wearing the headdress, which are typically worn by male leaders for ceremonial purposes.

The actress captioned the photos: “Happy Halloween”.

What was she even thinking of?!?! 

The costume sparked criticism from people on Twitter, who accused the former Baywatch star of being racially insensitive. 

One person wrote: “Native Americans are not costumes”. 

Another had this to say: “…you thought posing nearly naked in a headdress for Halloween was a fun idea. It wasn’t. Just listen, learn, say you’re sorry, and move on. It’s not hard”. 

Yet another added: “And you wore the feathers of how many dead birds, Pam? Cultural appropriation, racism and hypocrisy all in one photo shoot. I’m sure folks at Peta are mighty proud of their association with you”.

LOL! Still, Anderson should know that it is cultural disrespect to the nth degree!

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