Monday, November 4, 2019


In Glasgow, Scotland, thousands of independence supporters heard Nicola Sturgeon call for "Scotland's future to be put into Scotland's hands". Organizers estimated 75,000 had joined the rally. 

The first minister and Scottish National Party leader told Saturday’s indy rally, organized by Scotland’s only independence-supporting daily newspaper, the National: “We are gathered here for one simple purpose, to demand the right to choose a better future for our country”. 

“Make no mistake, the general election we face now on December 12 is the most important election for Scotland in our lifetimes”, she told the colossal crowd congregated at George Square described by Glasgow city council leader Susan Aitken as “the spiritual home of our great yes movement”. 

In fact, it was a sea of saltires. The SNP logo was present but by no means pervasive, as most rally-goers waved the colorful Yes flags of the wider pro-independence movement. 

“The future of our country is on the line", Sturgeon (left) reminded rally-goers. 

“We must come out in our numbers and vote in this election”, she added, insisting that the “prize” of independence was “within touching distance”.

“We must seize that prize”, she urged. 

And she promised that, if Scots voted on December 12 “to escape the chaos, division and misery of Brexit”, then she would lead the country to a second independence referendum next year. It was the first time she had spoken at an independence rally since 2014. 

Sturgeon intends to make holding a second independence referendum in 2020 central to her party’s campaign, and confirmed on Friday that she would demand the Westminster government transfer the powers to do so, regardless of the election result, by the end of the year. But while she insisted that electoral success would create an “irresistible demand” for another vote, dissenting voices are already being heard. 

Scottish secretary, Alister Jack (left) told the Herald on Saturday that even if the SNP won a majority of Scottish seats they would “absolutely not have a mandate”, while Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn had, a day earlier, dismissed a second referendum as “neither desirable or necessary”. And the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats also oppose a further vote. 

Hmmm, why so? Why are they running scared? 

There has already been a series of well-attended “independence” marches held across Scotland over the summer. The call for independence is getting louder and more resounding.

Sturgeon is expected to formally ask Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) for a Section 30 order, before Christmas, which would give Scotland’s devolved government permission to stage a referendum. She has made it clear that she wants to hold a poll on the issue next year and maintained the general election was a "crossroads moment" for Scotland. 

Scotland voted against independence in a 2014 referendum by 55%. 

But nationalists argue that the 2016 British referendum in favor of Brexit means another independence referendum is necessary – because Scotland voted by 62% to stay in the European Union. 

I truly believe that a majority of Scots know it is time for Scotland to be an independent country. Let’s face up to the truth – independence for Scotland is inevitable! 

As Sturgeon promises: "An independent country that will be the best of friends and family with our neighbors across the British Isles, across Europe and across the world". I'm certainly looking forward to it!

I'm a Scot at heart, after all!

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