Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Hong Kong: A City Gone Mad

I was browsing the Internet this morning – and it seems so surreal to come across a travel piece on Hong Kong that UK’s The Telegraph had featured. 

Titled “18 amazing free things to see and do in Hong Kong”, it was published yesterday! 

It was an enticing article that opens as follows: “For a city that regularly ranks as one of the world's most expensive places to live, Hong Kong has a phenomenal amount of free things to see and do, from manic madly-photogenic markets to niche museums (many of which are free on Wednesdays) to serene temples scented with beehive incense. And despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, more than 70 percent of the territory is dedicated green land, home to hundreds of miles of walking and hiking trails, lovely beaches (complete with barbecue pits, showers and loos), old-fashioned fishing villages and ace urban parks”. 

Definitely, the timing of this article is way off – methinks, they should have promoted Malaysia instead; after all, we have Visit Malaysia 2020! 

Anyway, as I look at the picturesque postcard photos of charming Hong Kong (see above) – my eyes strayed and instead, captured the following images, which represent the Hong Kong that I know today:

Still, it's worth mentioning that these Hong Kong scenes are free to view and experience, if you dare to venture out onto the streets, that is!

Hong Kong is a city gone mad!

I was at the Hilti Asia IT Services Office in Brunsfield Oasis Tower 3, Oasis Square in Ara Damansara, Selangor today to participate in the HAITS Toastmasters meeting. A thank you to VP Education Teoh Joo Fong for accommodating me! 

I delivered a CC#6 Vocal Variety speech titled Whispers in the Night. This is for my Competent Communication manual, Round #63. 

Photos of the said meeting:

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