Saturday, November 23, 2019

Donald Trump is Hong Kong's Savior

In a startling interview with Fox News, US President Donald Trump (left) made a stunning claim on Saturday that were it not for him, Hong Kong “would have been obliterated in 14 minutes” by Chinese troops. 

He declared that President Xi Jinping has “a million soldiers standing outside of Hong Kong” and he refrained from sending in the military against the young anarchists in the semi-autonomous city only because he asked him to. 

Trump had allegedly told Xi (right): “‘Please don’t do that. You will be making a big mistake. It will have a tremendous negative impact on the trade deal’”. 

Wow! And he even said 'please'.

Casting aside this ridiculous rhetoric is easy. According to a South China Morning Post report by Liu Zhen published January 21, 2019, “currently, China has 2 million active servicemen and women” in the PLA. 

So, China mobilizing fifty percent of its troops at Hong Kong’s doorstep is an outright exaggeration and a blatant lie – not to mention that Trump had hinted that Xi had willingly listened to him in the first place. 

The latter makes it sound as if China will do anything to see an end to the trade war and which mischievously implies the country is desperate and in dire straits – or that’s how Trump imagines it – is slaphappy laughable! 

Trump is so full of shit, he could pass off as a toilet.

And if I may add:

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