Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Wizard Who Only Knows Duck Spells

Check out the charming stop motion animation by Terry Ibele (and voiced by Davey Swatpaz).

It's about a round little wizard who bemoans the fact that he only knows spells that turn everything around him into ducks. 

No matter what iteration he utters, a yellow duckling appears in its place.

I am sharing the said video because I'm just like him. Indeed, I can very much relate to him. 

I only know words that turn into five-to-seven-minute speeches. I can do them almost instantaneously. Speeches that are impromptu. Speeches on virtually any topic. And that’s all I am good for. 

So, the questions come fast and furious. Is that it? Is there more? Is it time to call it quits with Toastmasters?

After the third spell, the wizard gives up and walks out with the ducklings in tow. 

After 800-plus project speeches, I too am ready to give up – meaning, it's time to walk away from the speaking organization that boasts a network of 16,800 clubs across 143 countries:

On Tuesday, I attended the Shah Alam-MAD Toastmasters joint meeting at Kelab Shah Alam Selangor – where I had put my name down as one of 3 assignment speakers. 

I delivered an Advanced speech from the Humorously Speaking manual, project #5 The Humorous Speech titled In Search of Blood.

Yup, it was about vampires. And a thirsty little mozzie. Also nubile, alluring women.

This is a fresh start in my pursuit of my seventh Advanced Communicator Bronze award. And I was voted Best Project Speaker:

Photos from yesterday's meeting:

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