Monday, October 7, 2019

Hong Kong is on the Edge of the Precipice

The Hong Kong government invoked the Emergency Regulations Ordinance on Friday – and passed a regulation forbidding the use of face masks. Violators could be sentenced to as long as one year in prison.

Not unexpectedly, this created a groundswell of more unhappiness, more anger, more rage. 

Hong Kongers say they are fighting for freedom. They’re right, y’know – they’re fighting for their freedom – to thrash, smash and bash.

Week after week, we’re seeing the same. Protests. Barricades. Vandalism. Wreckage. Mob violence. 

Hong Kong MTR Service Update, October 04, 2019. Photo: Twitter 

The Hong Kong Association of Banks say 10 percent of some 3,300 ATM machines across the city were damaged. 

On Monday, Hong Kong police warned rioters who “launched brutal attacks on ordinary citizens”, following a weekend of unrest and clashes between them and police in the city.

TVB actress, Celine Ma, with a bloodied mouth narrated her ordeal outside Mong Kok Police Station on Sunday. Holding the arm of a foreign journalist who had helped her, Ma said she was attacked by roughnecks just because she was filming them vandalizing a Bank of China branch nearby. 

The yobs even provoked the Chinese army garrison:

Hong Kong is already on the edge of the precipice and self-destruction is looming.

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