Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hong Kong is Burning to the Ground

Hong Kong is in the throes of a crazed orgy of unbridled vehemence, unchecked vandalism and unfettered violence. 

It appears that Hong Kongers are united in wanting their city to burn! Burn, burn, burn! 

And their rabid wish is coming true – Hong Kong is burning! And Hong Kongers are happy!

China should respect the wishes of the Hong Kong people – if they decide to despoil their home, why should China stop them? They demand democracy, the freedom to chooce and they choose death and destruction of Hong Kong. So be it. 

But for the minority who sees Hong Kong being blighted by Dementors who feed on its inhabitants' vulnerabilities and turning everybody into foul creatures filled with hate and spite – this auntie reminds us that courage must be summoned in order to fend off the oppressive darkness threatening to engulf the cursed territory.

She doesn't understand why her fellow citizens allow themselves to morph into thuggish punks  and she rightfully asks the question that is on everybody's lips: “What the fuck for?” 

She knows what everybody else know even if the others wouldn't say it out loud. The fact is nothing's gonna change! 

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