Sunday, August 4, 2019

Viva La Vulva!

Imagine a product category with the euphemistic name “intimate care”, a female body part that can’t be shown by media and which many women can’t properly identify, and a challenger brand trying to break in with its new product line. 

The integrated Ketchum London and AMV BBDO team was then, tasked with driving a multi-country cultural conversation and media-driven education campaign to break down taboos surrounding the mysterious and misunderstood female vulva, as part of a campaign to introduce a new line of intimate washes and wipes from Libresse. 

And, so, we have Viva La Vulva, an all-singing, all-dancing ‘ode to vulvas’ – one of those ads that dares to be different. Brazenly feminist. Eminently sharable.

The three-minute opus celebrates the vagina in just about every way possible in a very nicely done film anchored perfectly by the Camille Yarbrough song, “Take Yo’ Praise”. 

And it’s not even cringe-worthy. Just oodles of fun. Really.
Libresse is all about breaking taboos and, I have to say, Viva La Vulva is the first time I’ve seen a diagram of a vulva in an ad. 

Because never mind all the banter about men not being able to locate a clitoris – there’s an awful lot of ignorance among women about their bodies. And that ignorance is simply sad. 

In a global quantitative research conducted by the feminine hygiene brand into how women feel about their vulvas, more than two thirds – 68% – don’t technically know what their own vulva is. And 57% believe their vulva should look a certain way and 44% feel embarrassed by how it looks, smells or feels. 

Women should challenge the stigmas that prevent them from understanding and appreciating their own bodies.

Anyway, the Swedish brand is rewriting the very definition of brand bravery.

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