Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Shit From India

The UMNO-BN government were rotten to the core. 

And now, the Pakatan Harapan government are becoming just like them. 

During Najib Razak’s (right) time, we can understand why – Najib was simply too busy looting, stealing and plundering. 

With Mahathir Mohamad, he spends a lot of his time politicking. And just as bad, he mollycoddles his Bersatu ministers. No wonder they haven’t achieved anything. 

But one thing hasn’t changed one bit – the virulent and vicious rhetoric on race and religion. 

In fact, methinks these two issues have since turned into ravenous demons that satisfy their lust only when they regularly and repeatedly spew venomous execrations to hurt and harm those who are not of the same race and religion. 

We know that UMNO and PAS and their minions birthed these devils – but the situation has gotten worse when in 2016, Zakir Naik (left) came to Malaysia. He was welcomed with open arms, granted “safe sanctuary” and given permanent residency – in spite of him being a fugitive from India and banned from entering countries like the United Kingdom and Canada. 

I had seen the video clip of him standing tall on the back of a Land Rover, escorted by police outriders entering the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium in Kota Baru, Kelantan on August 09 – and I had thought the state government had marked him out as a demigod! It seemed that way anyway because the impression I had was that he was revered, venerated and idolized.  

This buffoon, this rabble-rouser, this firebrand has now placed himself in a commanding position to influence the country’s politics with his brand of fiery Islam. 

Methinks, he must have been a fan of Dale Carnegie because he sure knows “how to win friends and influence people”! 

It's more insidious than that though. He is a lickspittle for those in power. 

Oftentimes, he lavishly praises Mahathir Mohamad (left) as courageous and fearless against the West and a stout defender of Islam. No wonder Mahathir only smiles lah. 

The prime minister has become his shield, his bulletproof vest, his protector. 

Surely, we are not that stupid to know that Zakir Naik is a disrupter. His version of Islam is turning moderation and tolerance upside down. 

And he cleverly exploits the doubts and fears, imagined or otherwise, of sections of the Malay population – so much so that he has successfully raised the specter of mistrust and even antagonism between these Malay-Muslims and the non-Malays. He is finding it so easy to manipulate the former because they are so naive, so gullible and so unbelievably dumb. 

It has got to the stage when Malaysians must say Enough is enough!

That was when Zakir Naik attacked the Indian community – he questioned their loyalty and even claimed that Malaysian Indians are more supportive of India’s President Narendra Modi (left) than they are of Mahathir Mohamad. That wasn’t just mischievous but it was intentionally meant to foster disharmony and discord. 

And he attacked the Chinese community too – he told them to leave Malaysia first, if he had to leave, labeling both Malaysian Chinese and himself as “guests”. 

His agenda is obvious – he is pitting Malaysians against Malaysians. 

Already, we are fed up of this Zakir Naik. He must be evicted from this country before he sets it on fire. 

Mahathir must be told in the face that Zakir Naik is an undesirable and he is unwanted. His defense of this incendiary, this fascist, this bigot is lame:

I know Zakir Naik knows it:

Already, four Ministers have called for his deportation – they include Communication and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh, Human Resource Minister M Kulasegaran, Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Xavier Jayakumar and Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. 

What about the rest? No more acquiescence, no more staying silent – make your stand! 

Former minister Rafidah Aziz (right) is right when she pointedly asks “Why are we at each other's throats because of a foreigner?” 

We are Malaysians and we should all stand as one. And it is clear that we must throw Zakir Naik out!

Why do we want to keep this shit from India in Malaysia?

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