Saturday, August 3, 2019

Mocking Greta Thunberg's Autism

An Australian newspaper columnist had mocked teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg (left) in a Wednesday piece he wrote for the Herald Sun – for her decision to undertake a zero-carbon trip to a climate summit. 

Andrew Bolt had described her using hurtful adjectives such as “disturbed”, “freakishly” and “strange”. 

In his disgustingly despicable column, the Herald Sun commentator likened Thunberg’s followers to members of a cult – and slammed her decision to sail across the Atlantic to attend UN climate summits in the US and Chile in a high-speed racing yacht instead of by plane. 

Bolt (right) began by disparaging her as “one of the most astonishing Messianic figures in world history”, who has fueled a “frantic media hype”, adding that he didn’t “mean that in a good way”. 

The article then turned into a toxic character assassination, in which Bolt equated Thunberg’s autism to mental illness. 

“No teenager is more freakishly influential than Greta Thunberg, the deeply disturbed messiah of the global warming movement”, he continued. “I have never seen a girl so young and with so many mental disorders treated by so many adults as a guru”. 

Bolt then expressed confusion as to why many political leaders and policymakers around the world had treated Thunberg with “awe and rapture”, and belittled her environmental activism as a “fear” which supposedly resulted from her “disorders”. 

Greta Thunberg is no ordinary schoolgirl. She’s a passionate environmental activist. She’s addressed political leaders around the world on the subject of climate change. And she’s sparked a global youth movement by encouraging tens of thousands of young people in 112 countries to strike for the environment with #FridaysForFuture protests. 

Surely, she didn’t deserve the cruel jibes about her autism. 

But her Thursday response to the nasty taunts and turning Bolt’s words back on him shows exactly why she’s a worldwide inspiration. 

“I am indeed ‘deeply disturbed’ about the fact that these hate and conspiracy campaigns are allowed to go on and on and on just because we children communicate and act on the science”, she wrote. “Where are the adults?” 

Once more for Bolt and all the bullies in the back: the only aberration in the political discourse around climate change are those denying the environmental crisis. 

If these imbeciles have to resort to vicious diatribes about mental health to score points – you’re only confirming that an intelligent and highly articulate teenager really is speaking truth to power, and successfully spreading her message far and wide. 

Essentially, Andrew Bolt has decided that because of Thunberg’s autism – she shouldn’t be taken seriously, that she is delusional. WTF?!?!

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