Saturday, August 24, 2019

Donald Trump Anoints Himself The Chosen One

When Donald Trump (left) imposes himself onto our collective consciousness  all because he wants to seize our attention – we all indubitably cringe with an alarming sense of anxious foreboding. 

We can’t help but have flashbacks of his graceless bluster, not to mention the imperious manner in which he throws his bulky weight around. 

He is one buffoon who has single-handedly turned the White House into a veritable circus. 

If you think that’s it – you are so wrong! 

This gifted farceur seems to revel in consistently pushing the envelope of political comedy. 

And, so, he vacuum-cleaned all his previous Trumpian benchmarks for incoherence, exaggeration, prevarication, ambiguity, self-indulgence  and frippery in a presidency that is always on the brink of taking a nose dive from reason and sanity.

On Wednesday, he spectacularly showed what he was capable of. 

In a half-hour rant, he skillfully gave rein to anti-semitic tropes, swore he wasn’t a racist, bragged about his Apprentice reality show, refuted that he started the altercation with China, piled praises on Russia’s Vladimir Putin and insulted the Danish prime minister. A showy parade of tacky tirades.

But that’s not all! He trumpeted that he is the “King of Israel” and if that wasn’t pontifical enough – he looked to the sky and told the gaggle of reporters that he, Trump, is the “Chosen One”! 

Plainly speaking, he is a brash braggart, a pretentious poseur, a garrulous narcissist!

If only he has taken part in America's Got Talent, he will surely receive the Golden Buzzer the second he opens his big, fat mouth!

I am flabbergasted by his grandstand play of copious cockiness.  

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