Friday, July 5, 2019

Teresa Kok Vents Her Frustration

Still from YouTube

On Tuesday, Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok lashed out at The International School @ ParkCity in Kuala Lumpur because of a student performance linking oil palm plantations to the “disappearance” of the orang utans as well as deforestation. 

She was blunt, describing it as “sowing hatred” against palm oil. 

Young children, aged seven or thereabouts, dressed in environmentally-themed costumes had put on the show that conveyed the message: “If we don’t do something about this now, and ensure all oil palm is sustainably grown, within 10 years, these beautiful creatures (orangutans) could be gone from our world forever”.

I happen to believe the children were right! She's the one who got it wrong!

Kok had received a 1:10-minute video clip of the said performance and she went ballistic. 

On her heels, the Secretary General of the Education Ministry vowed to launch an investigation on the school for “spreading propaganda” and which “are in direct conflict with national policy and can affect the good name of the country”. 

Sure, palm oil is important to the national economy and it brings us billions of dollars in foreign exchange. 

Sure, the minister is understandably compelled to defend palm oil – and besides, she had even acknowledged the environmental damage that oil palm cultivation had wrought in the past. 

Nonetheless, she must accept that there are many of us who are no longer comfortable with the harm and destruction that oil palm plantations do, whether to our fauna and/or our forests.  

The question is, is it wrong to express one’s opinions? Do Pakatan Harapan, not respect free speech? Cannot we voice our views freely? 

Surely, we have the right to raise our children in an environment where we are not afraid to speak our minds – this is, after all, the post-BN era. 

Besides, as the world population grows and climate change is relentlessly bearing down upon us, sustainability is already an ever-pressing issue that countries everywhere, including Malaysia, must confront. 

So, she should kindly stop being so blardy defensive and STOP THE BULLYING!

And if she can't keep a lid on her frustration – we don’t give a hoot! Hasn’t she heard of the saying “If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”?

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