Thursday, July 18, 2019

Still on the Kelantan Royal Break-up

The Kelantan royal break-up continues to invite speculation. 

If you were aware, the Kelantan palace on July 16, 2019 had issued a statement to rebuke the practice of referring to certain individuals as “Permaisuri of Kelantan”, “Raja Perempuan Kelantan”, “Sultanah Kelantan” or “Queen of Kelantan” without an official conferment from the Palace. 

The statement was widely speculated to be targeted at reports and social media posts that referred to Rihana Oksana Gorbatenko as a “queen” or other royal titles. 

“Yang Teramat Mulia Dr Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra Ibni Sultan Ismail Petra is the Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan, and His Highness Sultan Muhammad V’s mother, Yang Maha Mulia Tengku Anis Almarhum Tengku Abdul Hamid is titled Raja Perempuan Tengku Anis”, Kelantan Royal Household Comptroller Nik Mohd Shafriman Nik Hassan said in the statement. 

Sources said the Kelantan royal family was also distressed by a July 10 Instagram posting by the same Rihana in which she expressed hope that her son would one day become the state’s crown prince and the “future king of Malaysia”. 

“Such unrefined understanding of royal customs is very unbecoming. You need to be a royal in order to be Raja Perempuan Kelantan”, said another source close to the royal circles. 

These customs and practices appear quaint and they blanket us with an aura of a time long, long ago. Lest I forget, the royals of this world are different from us. 

I suppose in a way, they are akin to horseshoe crabs (Family Limulidae; Suborder Xiphosurida; Order Xiphosura). 

They are blue-blooded – unlike the rest of us whose blood flows red!

Enough said!

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