Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Day 37: Najib Razak Spent RM3.36M in One Day

Najib Razak had already made an admission! 

This came about after it was reported that two credit cards in Najib Razak’s name had been charged RM3.36 million in 10 transactions in one single day at an Italian outlet of jeweller De Grisogono in 2014. 

This was revealed by AmBank’s senior vice-president of credit card authorisation and fraud management Yeoh Eng Leong (right) in Najib's SRC International trial yesterday itself, i.e. Day 37. 

And in early January 2015, the cards were used to spend another RM466,000 at Chanel in Hawaii, USA – according to Yeoh again. 

Not to mention the RM127,000 paid to Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Big spender lah, Najib Razak! He had forgotten it is public money. I suspect he didn’t actually forget – he believed all the money in the country is his piggybank.

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