Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Art of Ridiculing Donald Trump

An extravaganza of imaginative props that protesters have come up with to ridicule Donald Trump during his three-day state visit to the UK! 

The famous Trump balloon rises above Parliament Square in London while the US president meets with British prime minister, Theresa May:

A man dressed up as a Trump gorilla stands in a cage in Parliament Square in London:

A man sells Donald Trump toilet paper during protests at Parliament Square in London:

A protester holds a sign referring to Trump's insult towards London mayor Sadiq Khan, which he tweeted as he landed in Britain on Monday:

A protester holds a placard depicting Trump the snake constricting press freedom:

Environment activists too take part in the protest in London:

A face mask is placed on a pile of horse manure in the anti-Trump protests in London:

Protesters carry a baby Trump effigy locked inside a cage: 

A 20-feet statue of Trump tweeting while sitting on a golden toilet stands in Trafalgar Square, London:

In spite of it all, Trump brags about "tremendous crowds of well-wishers" and seeing no protests against him – though he's largely been getting around by helicopter, that's why. 

Maintains Trump: "Great love all around". LOL.

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