Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Featured Documentary: The Tiananmen Square Bloodbath

A featured documentary of the Tiananmen Square bloodbath:
Sometime at the end of May, 1989, it is said more than a million demonstrators had flooded the streets of Beijing, China to assemble in Tiananmen Square demanding democracy, freedom of speech and an end to corruption. 

They held daily marches and vigils, and images of the events were transmitted by media organizations to audiences all over the world. 

The Chinese government had already declared martial law on May 20 and 250,000 troops poured into the city. 

At 01:00 AM on June 04, Chinese soldiers and tanks stormed Tiananmen Square, firing live rounds into the peaceful crowd. 

Although thousands of protesters simply tried to flee, others fought back, stoning the attacking troops and setting fire to military vehicles. 

The number of deaths is not known. The Chinese Red Cross initially issued a statement saying that 2,600 people had been killed but rapidly retracted that. The Chinese government claimed that 241 people died, including 23 soldiers. And a secret British diplomatic cable had alleged that at least 10,000 people were murdered. 

Today, thirty years on, Chinese authorities and state media do not mark the blood-stained occasion. But the rest of the world remembers.

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